Drush make fails due to hidden SSL certificate error

Today I discovered that drush make no longer works when tryint to install a new site. Enabling verbose mode (-v) reveals an error that looks like this:

Unable to download https://drupal.org/files/entityreference-decode_option_labels-1665818-32_0.patch.

The SSL error is hidden by the -q parameter passed by drush to wget. But if you run on a separate command line the wget command:

wget https://drupal.org/files/entityreference-decode_option_labels-1665818-32_0.patch.

you would get the following error:

ERROR: certificate common name “*.drupal.org” doesn’t match requested host name “drupal.org”.
To connect to drupal.org insecurely, use ‘--no-check-certificate’.

Drush doesn't allow to pass any parameter to wget, thus, currently, the only solution I found so far is to globally disable wget certificate check (exposing you to a potential man-in-the-middle attack). Open ~/.wgetrc and add the following line