PDF Preview

PDF to ImageField (https://www.drupal.org/project/pdf_to_imagefield)

- First, add an imagefield on your chosen content type. This is where the
generated images wil be stored.

- Set the allowed fields to 1 if you just want a cover page, or 'unlimited'
if you want all pages to be generated.

- Next add a filefield to your chosen content type and choose 'PDF to Image'
 as the widget. This filefield should be configured to only accept PDF file types.


The masquerade module is designed as a tool for site designers and site administrators. It allows a user with the right permissions to switch users. While masquerading, a field is set on the $user object, and a menu item appears allowing the user to switch back. Watchdog entries are made any time a user masquerades or stops masquerading.